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We serve families by helping YOU find the right school for your child and provide you with support in reciving state funding!

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Finding the Best School!

Let us help you find a school nearby that will meet your child’s needs and help them to be all that they can be!

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There are many scholarship options that are available to parents and students just like you! Let us help you find out which scholarships are appropriate for your child!


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It can be challenging knowing how to navigate through the educational system. That is why our dedicated team is eager to chat with you about the different options available for your child’s education!

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Choosing the Best School & Scholarship!

Scholar Aids was developed with parents and students in mind! We wanted to create a way to help support families in providing guidance when it comes to knowing what the best school is for your child AND how to take advantage of the different scholarship options that could be available to you!

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Choice Options

Did you know that over half of the United States offers choice options to families? That means that there is a high probability that there are resources and options available to you that you may have not even known about! Our team will help point you in the right direction!

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Are you interested in applying today so that you can learn more about the options that are available to you and your child(ren)? If so, then please click the button below so that you can view/print out the application. Once completed, you can email it to us at:

Scholarship Choice

If you are looking for guidance in the area of scholarships for your child, then you have come to the right place! Our team is up-to-date and knowledgable on all of the different scholarship options available in each of the different states!

Income-Based Scholarships

This scholarship serves to expand educational opportunities for children of families that have limited financial resources and to enable children to achieve a greater level of excellence in their education.

Reading Scholarships

This scholarships assists 3rd – 5th grade public school students who struggle with reading. The program offers parents access to an educational savings account, worth $500, to pay for tuition and fees related to part-time tutoring, summer and after-school literacy programs, instructional materials and more.

Special-Needs Scholarships

This scholarship is a unique program for children with special needs. It allows parents to personalize the education of their children by directing money toward a combination of programs and approved providers.

A Fresh Start Scholarship

This scholarship caters to students suffering from bullying at their prior public school. K-12 students who have reported an incident of harassment, hazing, bullying, robbery, sexual assault and more, may be eligible to attend a private school or a public school in a different school district.

Types of School Choice Available

Families who can afford it often choose their neighborhood public schools by moving to a residence within their desired school’s assigned district. For many families, that option is enough. But there are many more ways for families to choose the best educational setting for their kids.

About Educational Savings Accounts (ESAs)

ESAs allow parents to withdraw their children from public district or charter schools and receive a deposit of public funds into government-authorized savings accounts with restricted, but multiple, uses. Those funds—often distributed to families via debit card—can cover private school tuition and fees, online learning programs, private tutoring, community college costs, higher education expenses and other approved customized learning services and materials. Some ESAs, but not all, even allow students to use their funds to pay for a combination of public school courses and private services.

About School Vouchers

Vouchers give parents the freedom to choose a private school for their children, using all or part of the public funding set aside for their children’s education. Under such a program, funds typically expended by a school district would be allocated to a participating family in the form of a voucher to pay partial or full tuition for their child’s private school, including both religious and non-religious options.

About Tax Credit Scholarships

Tax-credit scholarships allow taxpayers to receive full or partial tax credits when they donate to nonprofits that provide private school scholarships. Eligible taxpayers can include both individuals and businesses. In some states, scholarship-giving nonprofits also provide innovation grants to public schools and/or transportation assistance to students choosing alternative public schools.

What We Do

Our expertise is in our ability to match students with the best school according to their needs! We work with a wide array of schooling types so that we can cater to each students special skills and make sure that they are in a school environment where they will ultimately thrive!

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